Friday, September 3, 2010

Blogmania Sponsor: Mizzdraconia

Mizzdraconia is our newest sponsor of our Enchanted Eyes themed Blogmania giveaway event! Mizzdraconia features Ida Larsen's Unique digital fantasy art including open edition prints, limited edition ACEO's, pendants & art collections. All are printed and/or handmade by the artist to make sure the quality and colour correctness is as close to the originals as possible. Mizzdraconia is offering one of our favorite prints for this giveaway!

- Hand signed and dated on the back.
- Printed photo lab quality on Canon Photo Paper Pro,
245g Super High Gloss.
- Sent in a cardboard envelope to protect it from damage.
*Chromalife 100 print system promise the best in colour
If print is protected behind glass/frame or similar and
kept out of direct sunlight, the colours last for 100

About the Artist:

Name: Ida Mary Walker Larsen.
Born: December 1981

Is Danish/American, born of American mother and Danish father in 1981 in Denmark. She's been creative since childhood, continuing to draw when her peers stopped, developing her own style ever since. When the internet became available to her at age 17 a whole new world opened up. She got her own computer, bought a digital tablet and pen and began her journey into digital art.

Fantasy, nature and mythology are themes that inspire her the most. Dragons, fairies, trolls and elves are creatures of her world.
She's been doing freelance work since mid 2005.

Her art has been featured in various magazines and art book collections:

'Heavy Metal Magazine'
'Exotique 3' art book series by Ballistic Publishing
2 issues of 'Art Scene International Magazine'
'Imagine FX Magazine'
'Photoshop Creative Magazine'
2 issues of 'Forbidden Whispers Magazine'

Check out her blog to see more fantastic artwork!

Come back Sept 15 12:01am - 11:59pm Sept 16 EST to enter the giveaway!

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