Monday, July 12, 2010

Blogmania Sponsor: MoonBeamWishes

Say Hello to our newest Enchanted Eyes Blogmania sponsor, MoonBeamWishes. MoonBeamWishes makes all their products by hand with love, imagination and a little bit of magic. Products are made in a pet loving home where smoke is not allowed.

They are giving away this set of 5 Dark Hunter Greeting Cards!

For anyone who wants to be under Artemis's thumb and battle damions with Ash
(5) 5x7 cards based on Sherrilyn Kenyon's paranormal world.
They are all blank inside and come with white envelopes that they have inked the edges black and on the back, on the right hand side, have drawn Artemis' bow and arrow.

The first card has a pocket for messages and has a pull out tag with Zarek's line from the end of Night Embrace
Let me give you the job description
Me, Dark-Hunter
You, damion
I hit
You bleed
I kill
You die

The second has the quote from Kiss of Night
Life is a tapestry woven by the decisions we make

The third card is said by Acheron to his demon Simi, I wish I could quote a book that it is from but it happens often and several time a day ;)
No , Simi, you can't eat the humans even when they annoy you

The forth card is Ash's theory on life. It's tough but true, I put the bow and arrow mark on it, because the quote is directed to Artemis.
There are some things sorry can't fix.

The fifth card is the reason you never anger the Simi. For in that purse of her's there is always a bottle of BBQ sauce. If she does happen to pull that bottle out, you better pray that Ash is arround to pull her off you!
Be kind to Simi for you are crunchy and taste really good with BBQ sauce

Check out MoonBeamWishes on Etsy for more great items. You can follow MoonBeamWishes at their Blog and on Twitter.

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