Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Book Trailer: It's A Book by Lane Smith

Celebrate the printed book!

We are in love with the the book trailer for Lane Smith's 'It's A Book' and are excited that we will be reviewing the book very soon.

As Lane explains, “Not to say that I'm not excited by the new technologies and reading devices introduced (it seems) nearly every month, I am. But I'm sure on some level I'll always be a traditional book guy.” And aren't we all? New York Times bestselling author and illustrator Lane Smith delivers a book to the technorati and literati alike. Juxtaposing a book-loving ape and a tech-savvy donkey, with clever illustrations and a brilliant punch line, Smith's nod to the times will be a collector's item on shelves, and will be read again and again in bookstores, libraries for years to come.



Visit Lane Smith's site and MacMillan for more information on 'It's A Book'.

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