Thursday, August 5, 2010

Blogmania Sponsor: Salvaged Expression

Meet Salvaged Expression who specializes in Geek Chic goods with an eco-friendly twist!

Salvaged Expression is offering up this great pendant for our Enchanted Eyes Blogmania giveaway event. You know you love Eragon, now show that love to everyone else!

A heart shaped pendant with the "e" shaped dragon symbol from Eragon emblazoned on the front.

The pendant is 1.75 inches long (4cm), 1 inch wide (3cm) and sits nearly flat against the chest.

The Salvaged Story:
The bauble itself is the remnant of a pin she got for donating to the American Heart Association on a trip to the movies. The pin back broke but the heart itself seems to be made of sterner stuff. It is suspended by a can tab to hang from a chain, ribbon or other necklace type of your choice.

We at BookSake are all about upcycling anything you can and this is a great idea from Salvaged Expression, we love it! You can see from her shop on Etsy that everyone is loving her stuff. From candles, hats, and crocheted items to the very cool jewelry like the piece offered here. Salvaged Expression is a force to be reckoned with! Check out the shop and see what goodies you find.

Save the date to enter the Blogmania giveaways: Sept 15 12:01am - 11:59pm Sept 16 EST.

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